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Data-driven ICO campaign execution

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Clear business idea

Your future contributors should easily understand what your startup is about. With the help of our tool get immediate feedback regarding your landing. You will never communicate your idea in a wrong way.


Income perspectives

Remember, most of your contributors invest in order to get future income. Explore different opinions towards your coin perspectives before starting massive promotion of your ICO.

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Docs and prototypes

What about your whitepaper, product prototypes or github commits? Find actionable insights regarding them - be flexible with your strategy!

How it works

As easy as 1-2-3:

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1. Select Your Audience

Use our wide range of criteria in order to get reviews from your field experts. They will provide you with integral feedback on your startup.

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2. Ask Them Anything

Prepare materials you want them to review and questions you want them to answer. Now you are able to watch videos with expert insights!

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3. Get Results!

Your feedback is now in one place. Simple inteface will provide access to contributor videos, survey results, reviews, and interactive charts.


One pre-ICO crash test might save you thousands of dollars!

Order comprehensive research with 5 experts only for $999 or create your own test and pay for audience size and quantity of tasks.

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